Free Standing Houses

About the Houses

All houses are constructed from 1/16” mat board and various colored papers. I use white mat board mostly with scoring to indicate bead board, board and batten, stone work, brick or slump-stone. A stucco effect is applied to paper by stippling using a creasing tool to the back of the intended display side. Doors are usually indicated in colored paper applied to the mat board. The houses are mounted on a mat board base approximately 14” X 8” with driveway and walkway details. Holiday houses come with miniature lights, ornament strings and some landscaping.

Houses are not to scale, but approximate 1:43 scale for use with die cast cars and trucks in your collection. Houses are signed and dated on the underside of the base.

Cost: $200-$300 based upon detail requested. Shipping extra.

Commissions upon request.