About the Facades

All facades are constructed from 1/16” mat board and various colored papers. I use white mat board mostly with scoring to indicate bead board, stone work, brick or slump-stone. A stucco effect is applied to paper by stippling using a creasing tool to the back of the intended display side. Plants are currently cut free-hand and applied at the end of construction.

Windows and doors are constructed out of vellum and colored paper respectively.

The piece is then glued to a mat color which highlights the individual piece. The entire finished piece is only 1” deep, 2”-3 1/2” high and approximately 11” wide. Facades are then mounted in either a white or black shadow-box frame 7” X 15”. The frames can be displayed on a shelf or wall hung. Art is signed and dated by me on the back of the mat.

Cost: $300 and up depending upon detail requested and/or if an increase in size requires a larger frame. Shipping extra.