The anger is mine but not mine alone. I’m outraged at the politicians that have and continue to totally trash the Constitution they swore to uphold when they made it into office. They chose their party before the people of this country. It’s obvious that they are as corrupt as many of the countries they once railed against. Their participation is no different than that of those who supported Muammar  Gaddafi or Idi Amin. The leader they continue to support behaves exactly the same.

Trumps follow-through of revoking security clearance for the former head of the CIA and the threat of others for being critical of him is a dangerous turn of events for every citizen. 

All you Trump supporters better understand the meaning of this. Your 1st Amendment right is going away. But then, so is mine. And it’s your fault. I blame you. And I’m not alone. You have caused the turmoil in this country. You have caused this divide. Your need to vote for someone who was an “outsider” has caused this country to slip from a democratic republic to a county led by a tyrant. 

I hope you’ve stockpiled enough bullets to use against his regime because the one you supported will be coming for you.  Assuming they don’t come for you in the dead of night.

And brush up on your Russian. You’re gonna need it in the breadline, you fucking idiots.